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The Maag House was built by John Anton Maag in 1899. Designed for a family with ten children, the house had seven bedrooms, two parlors, a kitchen and a pantry - but only one bathroom. The house and two associated buildings were moved to the Museum from the Fairhaven cemetery area in 1981.

Maag house



Maag carriage barn
The Maag house is slowly being restored as funding allows, but it still needs a great deal of work. When restoration is completed, it will house a regional history museum.
The upper floor of the Maag carriage barn contains the museum's administrative office. The lower floor is used as a craft area for several student programs as well as a meeting room. It also houses a small kitchen.
Maag water tower

Gift shop interior

The Maag water tower originally contained an elevated tank to supply running water. The tank has been removed and the restored downstairs portion of the building has been converted to a gift shop.


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