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Kellogg house Kellogg House - The hands-on Kellogg House school field trip program also satisfies the Tiger Cub requirement to visit an historic site. Activities include doing laundry in a washtub, playing with old-fashioned toys, and dressing in historic costumes. Two hours. Recommended for grades 1-5. $8 per child.
Our Heritage - a look at individual, family, ethnic, and community heritage. Artifacts in the historic Kellogg house bring traditions of yesteryear to life. Activities include making butter, dressing in historic costumes, and creating personal coats of arms. Two hours. Recommended for grades 3 and up. $9 per child.
Kellogg coat of arms
Map and compass

Treasure Island - with an accent on compass-reading, maps, and codes, the Treasure Island school field-trip program is also an excellent choice for an educational scout outing. Two hours. Recommended for grades 2-4. $10 per child.

Crazy Quilts - a close look at the "fancy work" of the past. Scouts discover samplers, quilts, and layers upon layers of garments. Craft activities teach simple hand stitching and the basics of quilting. Two hours. Recommended for grades 2-5. $9 per child. Crazy quilt
Tea service Mind Your Manners - a fun way to learn manners in an old-fashioned setting. The program is highlighted by a Victorian tea party in the Kellogg house's oval dining room. Activities include setting a formal table, making introductions, and using proper telephone etiquette. Two hours. Recommended for grades 2-4. $9 per child.

In addition to the programs listed here, any of our regular school programs are available for youth groups.

Call 714-540-0404 x222 for reservations.


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