Four-Hour Summer Program Details

Old-Fashioned Fourth of July - Celebrate our nation's independence like your great-grandparents did. Join in the sack race and other old-time games on the village green, make crafts, decorate for the holiday, and perform in a patriotic play. (This program is not offered after July 4.)

Wet and Wild - Take a walk on the wild side of the museum. Look for exotic critters in our pond and nature park. Make a frog puppet while learning the difference between frogs and toads. Go on a nature scavenger hunt and play some of the wildest, wettest games ever.

Mega Gold Rush - California or Bust! Join the 49ers on the long voyage or trek to the Mother Lode gold strike. Make a covered wagon model, stock up for the journey, make your own "buffalo chips," and pan for gold. But watch out for claim jumpers! (This extended version of our regular Gold Rush program includes exciting new activities and games.)

Hopscotch, Marbles, and Kites - Explore the games and toys of the nineteenth century. Build and fly a kite and make your own board game to take home. Try your hands (and feet) at marbles, hopscotch, and croquet. Play old-time parlor games in the Kellogg house and pay forfeits if you lose.

Victorian Lifestyle - Life in the late 1800s was cooler than you might think. As you explore the historic Kellogg house you'll play with favorite old-time toys, dress in the hottest fashions of the day, and groove to the music of the phonograph and pump organ. Play a parlor game and be waited on by servants as you snack in the formal dining room. Then switch gears and become a servant yourself as you prepare and serve a snack for others. And don't forget the real chores such as washing clothes and making butter.

Victorian Detectives - Solve mysteries like the most famous detective of all time, Sherlock Holmes. Study fingerprints and footprints, search for hidden clues, crack devious codes, and become a master of disguise in your quest to figue out "whodunit."

Inventors and Inventions - When was the paper clip invented? How about the drinking straw? Find out the answers and experience the excitement of inventions old and new. See how a steam engine works, search the historic Kellogg house for nineteenth century innovations, send messages on a real telegraph, and even invent your own new snack.

Creepy Crawlies - Beetles and butterflies and bees, oh my! Whether you call them insects or just plain bugs, you'll discover some amazing things about these critters that live in every part of our world. Throw in a few spiders and worms (even though they're not insects) and you're set for one creepy crawly day. Learn how insects fly and how they see, collect them to study up close, and even take home some tasty bug recipes. (Have you ever tried chocolate-covered grasshoppers?)

Mega Treasure Island - Ahoy, Matey! Embark on a fun-filled adventure in search of pirate loot. Make your own Jolly Roger flag and secret map, learn to talk like a real pirate, and set sail on your quest. To find the treasure, you'll have to read a compass, follow a map, and solve secret codes. We'll show you how. And be prepared to fire some cannonballs to chase off other pirate ships. (This extended version of our regular Treasure Program includes exciting new games and activities.)

Mega Alice in Wonderland - Follow Alice down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass to an exciting world of adventure. Make invisible invitations, paint the white roses red, play some croquet, and attend a mad tea party in the dining room of the Kellogg house. Then set off to explore the Jabberwock's lair in the Tulgey Wood and see if you can out-invent the White Knight. (This extended version of our regular Alice in Wonderland program contains exciting new games and activities.)

Tom Sawyer Adventure Day - Walk in the bare footsteps of everyone's favorite "all-American kid." Explore the wildlife in our wetlands and hills, whitewash a fence, build a model raft, and hunt for buried treasure using a compass and pirate map.

Cost: 20-30 children - $13/child, over 30 children - $12/child

Pre-registration is required. Call (714) 540-0404 x2 to book your program.


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