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At any given time we have a range of potential volunteer projects that may include such activities as marketing, building and grounds maintenance, construction, office work, and research.

If you are looking for community service hours, a service project for your organization, an internship, or simply an opportunity to help a worthy cause, please give us a call. Members of youth groups and other young volunteers are welcome with appropriate adult guidance.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Weed Clearance in Nature Area - This is our most urgent need at the moment. Our nature area has been overtaken with crown daisies, an aggressive non-native plant species that was introduced by accident. These plants are annuals, meaning the existing plants die each year and are replaced by new ones that grow from seed. Unfortunately, even after they die the plants continue to suppress the growth of the native plants. Right now we need to get rid of the dead and dying plants from this spring. This is an ongoing project that will need many volunteers to complete. Even if you can only spend an hour or two, your work will make a positive difference.

Transcribing/Organizing Historic Documents - We have a significant number of original historic documents related to the Kelloggs and the Maags. We need volunteers to help us transcribe and organize these documents into electronic files so that we can make them available as resources on our Web site.

Costume Mending - A high point for most of the 18,000+ children that visit the museum every year is the chance to dress up in Victorian fashions. With this volume of children, our costumes are subject to a great deal of wear. Periodically we need someone to mend or refurbish costumes that are wearing out. This opportunity comes and goes, so call to see if anything is currently available.

Other Opportunities may also be available.

To volunteer or for more information, contact:

Diane Soma - 714-540-0404 x230 -
Pat Bedson - 714-540-0404 x226 -


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