The Kellogg House was designed by Hiram Clay Kellogg and was built in 1898. Here he raised a family with five children.  

The house was moved to the Museum in 1981.  It has been used for hands-on education for children about the Victorian era. 27,000 children visit the house each year

Kellogg was Orange County's first civil engineer, laying out both Corona and Elsinore, as well as streets, irrigation and flood control locally.  He with William Spurgeon were responsible for the separation of Orange County from Los Angeles County.

The most unique features of the Kellogg house is the oval dining room and unpredictable shape of the staircase. The dining room's oval intrudes on the stairs as shown by the lower curved railing.  But at the ceiling of the dining room, the stairs intrudes into the dining room as shown in the curve of the upper left railing.  The effect is a sensational dining room and a striking staircase.

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