For the first time ever, CHM is offering four-day summer programs, each with its own exciting theme!

And for those who can't commit to a multi-day block, there are plenty of exciting one-day programs as well.

Early Bird Special
Register before April 30 and receive $15 off the regular program price.
Call 714-850-9452.

Four-Day Summer Adventures

Discovering California Week program dates: July 11-14

Discovering California Week - Take a journey in time through our golden state. Make Indian crafts and mold adobe bricks. Make the long cross-country trek to pan for California gold with the 49ers. Plant seeds and harvest crops while exploring our state's agricultural roots. Then leap into the twentieth century and discover how Hollywood's movies, the aerospace industry, and the world of computers helped make California the great state it is today. Camp is limited to 60 children. $240.00.

Summer Scramble Week - Four of our most popular one-day programs scrambled together for a wild and wacky week of fun!

Tom Sawyer Adventure Day -- Creepy Crawlies
Inventors and Inventions -- Alice in Wonderland

Click on the program names above to see the details of each one.

Camp is limited to 60 children. $240.

Summer Scramble Week program dates: July 25-28
Silent Movie Production Week program dates: August 8-11 Silent Movie Production Week - Become a movie mogul! During this week you will make a silent movie from start to finish. You will create costumes, props, and sets, write dialog, and act in your own Oscar contender. Parents are invited to watch the performances as they are filmed on Thursday afternoon. Each participant will also receive a DVD with their silent black-and-white masterpiece, just like in the good old days (except for the DVD part, of course). Camp is limited to 40 children. $288.00.
All four-day programs run from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm Monday through Thursday. Minimum age for participants: 7 years.

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